Zora Vipera

Zora Vipera presents a unique, breathtaking, unlimited fire-orientated extravaganza that takes you to the edge of theatre and burlesque dance into a world of mystique, enchantment and distinctive spectacle.

Zora Vipera is a stunning fire spirit, a patroness of inspired performance and electrifying action artiste who executes ground breaking art, incorporating all forms of art and flame, including fire-dancing, fire-eating and fire blasting.

Like nothing you have seen before the dazzling Zora Vipera explodes onto the stage wearing a large variety of hand designed and handmade costumes to bring you a manifestation of inferno and fascination.

Zora Vipera has performed throughout Europe from the smallest, independent venues to the biggest stadiums around. Zora Vipera is an inventive, acrobatic, pioneering but most importantly authentic artist who pushes the boundaries of her art and is prepared to take real risks to make her performances as compelling and memorable as possible.

Zora Vipera is an inimitable and unique artiste who began her distinctive career in a children’s circus and on her incredible journey has performed many peerless and amazing fêtes. A shivering firestorm of a top of the bill act or as a headline grabbing support act Zora Vipera will literally burn herself into your memory with her matchless voyage of thrill, jeopardy and beauty.