Nina Tshomba

randomness love:  excess°ª{|]∂©√∫¡º¡∆excess  = equal?!?

i was not born naked: „ah, es ist ein mädchen“

mensch (ca.): „Sauerstoff (O) 56.1%a, Kohlenstoff (C) 28.0 9.5, Wasserstoff (H).9.3%a, Stickstoff (N) 2.0 %a, Calcium 1.5%a , Chlor (Cl) %a ,Phosphor (P) 1%a, Kalium (K) 0.25 %a , Schwefel (S) 0.2 %a , Natrium (Na) 0.03%a , Magnesium (Mg) 0.01%a.

further: a power mode created by + and – energy levels colliding +“they might also conceivably be any kind of organism“ + „facts, information, descriptions, skills“

currently (among other): home-experimenting with (distrotive)sounds/beats and random 0to1skill videos: