NÂR is in constant metamorphosis. It sings to the lotus, embodying the roots as it echoes the thickest mud. A wave within distortions of time. It’s perception whirls around an ecstatic continuous music, exploring the immobile through prismatic geometries of feedback, words, sound and movement.It’s been formed in Brussels in 2016 by

Nadia Daou // Drone / ethno post rock one woman band (LEB / CH)
Pretty much influenced by middle-eastern sounds, north
African ritual trance (as Gnawa, Soufi music,…)
And rock n’ roll (as Silver Apples, Neu!, The Velvet

Zora Vipera // performer and dancer (CH)
In constant metamorphosis, since more than 10 years, exploring
spirituality and transcendence through movement and
meditation driven by many different influences (as Soufi
Derwish, Turkish Roma, Japanese Butoh dances,…)

Nâr is newly performing with Frédéric Alstadt
(Angstrom Records) on modular synth, lap steel.
Electric & acoustic drone waves…

Fotocredit: Mehdi Benkler