Manon regularly plays at many big name clubs and festivals like Cocoon Club, Time Warp, Panoramabar, Hive and many more. Manon made her first steps into the „World of Vinyl“ at the age of seven when she spent her first savings to buy disks instead of dolls.

Music has become the most important thing in her life and she built up her whole social environment around it. As luck would have it, she got the opportunity to play her first records at her home base at the age of 15. Nowadays it’s getting clear that this first „steps“ as a DJ finally were the beginning of her present carrier.

During her education in gastronomy Manon made her first attempts to illegal parties at the „Dampfzentrale“ and the „Bluelight“ in Berne/Switzerland. It was during this time that she discovered her passion about electronic music.