Emelie Nana

Encouraged by the guiding ear of her musical mentor, Glenn Underground from Chicago, she released her debut album in may 2016 on Compost Records. She’s been working hard on it for months, writing lyrics, playing chords and programming beats in her Studio in Geneva.

Emilie’s stage career can also show a proud track record. The self-made woman has already rocked Berlin (Golden Gate, Magic Sunday) Zurich (Zukunft, Frida’s Büxe) Bern (Klub Elf) Lausanne (Mad, Le Bourg) Lyon (Le Sonic) and Geneva (Jack’s House, Paresseux, Shark, etc…) with a tight, uncompromising and absolutely fresh live performance.

Emilie Nana played a DJ-Set at the Electronic Gender Bending Music Festival 2015.