Ece Özel

Born and based in Istanbul. Her dad was a bar owner. Music was always there naturally. Studied painting, digged music and digged music. Leaves school, gets into fashion business 2007. Editing fashion & styling people since then.

DJing starts as some kind of battle of selections, it was 2009 – Selections of cosmic/synth disco, slo-mo, disco edits, new wave, house and techno. As the time WENT by it has turned to more intimate mixes with lovely Mini Muzikhol of Istanbul. And for the last year Zurich became like a second home. As well as being part of LBDN, she’s a member of L.E.T Zurich.

Music is the shield between her and infamous fashion business which might suck your life out of you. She believes this in-betweenness helps her find whatever she is looking for.


Ece Özel played a DJ-Set  at the Les Belles de Nuit Festivals in 2013, 2014 and 2015