DJ Nat

Sometimes I think “Girl, after 23 years djing it is time to stop!” But when I receive a booking proposition, I just can’t say no! I love it so much to make the people dance! I am clearly addicted to these rhythms and basses… It was never my point to be famous. Actually, I prefer to play in small venues and underground places. This is where I come from. It all started by organising parties in tunnels, abandonded factories or squats in Geneva with a bunch of crazy guys. With the time, it felt very natural for me to connect myself with passionate and talented women from the scene. To create together collectives like Candy’s Night or Scandal! To organise parties in special places with beautiful visuals, to stream our music on internet radios, to spread our music in underground clubs in different countries, to participate together to this movement and of course, to bring a bit of femininity in this world! It is not about being feminist! It is about friendship. It is about solidarity. It is about creating together and sharing. It is about having fun! I consider Les Belles de Nuit as an achievement of all these years working and creating with these fantastic women and I feel very proud to be part of it. Expect from me a spunky selections influenced by soul, jazz, African rhythms and sounds of Detroit, with fearless mixes à la Nat

Dj Nat played at the Les Belles de Nuit Fetsivals and events in 2013, 2014 and 2015


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