Aérea Negrot

Aérea Negrot’s live performance is all-encompassing: an explosion of performance, sex and singing. She juggles with her voice, stretching it into every extreme. From shrill high notes to deep, dark ones, she relishes the entirety of her range and vocal potential. The product is a collage of classical music crossed with electronic beats that fuse into a unique combination – a kind of techno opera.  

Born in Venezuela, Aérea knew early on that she wanted wings. Further influence by Sunday visits with her grandfather to the airport in La Guaira, her hometown, this desire ultimately inspired her name – Aérea – an homage to all that flies.  

From a family of dancers, she was also profoundly influenced by dance and opera as a child. As soon as she could, she lifted off. Her experimental journey took her to Europe. Via Porto, Amsterdam and London, she landed in Berlin in 2004 where she was discovered by „Hercules and Love Affair“. With this band from New York, she found a new stage for her voice and a new way of expressing herself.

Aéra negrot Played a DJ set at the Electronic Gender Bending Music Festival 2015