With her pitched-down dark edits & wuenderkaemmer of records, C.love creates a byzantine disco – a style signified by its lush, intricately layered sound & a provocative, pan cultural catalogue of tempo. It is a singular style crafted by her deft, alchemical mix of original music, classic tracks & found sound – a disco that beckons with smoke-wisp finger an invitation to a sacred space of sweat, memory & magic. She is a conscientious curator of the audible, engaging of the ear more curious, who seeks to bring the audience to release – an aural apotheosis.“Informed by the luminous wisdom of Dolly Parton and disco, the piss-filled stairwells of shady late night clubs & the unfiltered spring water of California’s vortex mountains, our heroine has known both holy & horrendous.“ – sidereal